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In August 2018 I spent two days in Wicklow Mountains National Park. I was completely alone surrounded by breathtaking landscapes. I could hear nothing but the wind howling through the trees. I spent two days thinking in silence. I had found the time to dig deeper into my soul. I had finally found the time to get to know me better.


IRLANDA SELVAGGIA - in English WILD IRELAND - tells the story of this rough path. 6 tryptiques, 6 steps. 


As soon as I move my feet along this unstable path, I notice an impenetrable dark wall waiting for me. I feel stranger eyes looking at me in distance. Their faces are blurred but they have something familiar. They wonder if I would keep on walking or not. Am I ready for that? My hearts starts beating faster.


I'm tired, the road seems endless. Is it worth the effort? They keep judging me and I can't get them out of my head. I try to move my body, I try to stand up but nothing happens. As I lay down powerless, menacing clouds approach from afar.


A tangle of incomprehensible emotions pervades my body. I can feel it growing in my belly. It hurts. They think I should stop: "why aren't you happy? You already have everything! ". I disagree, I miss something and I must continue to find it.


As I go up the hill, everything clears out. The sky opens up above me, revealing details unexposed until now. They are distracted, they have other problems to take care of. I feel the warmth of sunlight on my skin. I'm okay.


The road is lit up and reveals all its beauty. The ground is flat and the soil is smooth under my feet. They have finally given up observing my every move. I rejoice over my newfound freedom. From now on it should be all downhill.


An ominous fog dims the view. What is it? Did I take the wrong path? They're back. Will I live up to their expections? I bend under the weight of conformity. I feel overwhelmed.