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My name is Simone and I have no idea of where to begin to describe myself. I've always been pretty bad at it. Even the "tell something about you" section of online profiles makes me nervous. Usually, when I spend too much time looking for the right words, I end up writing a banal list of trivial characteristics, which could easily be written by a 5-year-old boy.

Since this is not a description for an online profile, but it is the incipit of a personal project, I will try my best.

If I had to describe my self in a few words, I would define myself as a troubled daydreaming soul with a passion for photography.

Photography has always been part of my life, since I was very young. 

At the age of 10 I got my first digital camera: a grey little Nikon Coolpix. I lost count of all the models of Nikon Coolpix I have changed during the years. One thing is certain, they captured all the significant moments of my adolescence.

A few years ago, after receiving my first Reflex, I decided to deepen my knowledge on photography and find my own style.

Little by little, the camera lens has become a crack through which I could spy the world and interpret it my own way.

In 2018 I started taking pictures of myself naked as part of a process of self-exploration and self-expression. Through self portraiture I've been able to manifest my feelings, my desires and my fears.

Nudity plays a big role in my pictures. Getting naked in front of the camera is the opportunity to get acquainted with your own body, accept its flaws and acknowledge its beauty. I like the idea of letting the models get rid of their everyday costume and express who they really are, their passions, their fantasies and their fetishes. I like to play with the human body, make it take unusual positions and challenge the boundaries between sensual and sexual. 

As Ren Hang once said "People come into this world naked and I consider naked bodies to be people's original, authentic look. I feel the real existence of people through their naked bodies".

We live in a world where nudity and sex are still stigmatized. The naked body is still seen as something scandalous and sex as an impure and dirty act. Social media censorship is getting worse and worse towards sex. An implicit act of sex is banned. Naked buttocks are banned, unless it is a photoshopped butt of a celebrity (pleae let's take a moment to realize the absurdity of this).  A woman nipple and the stimulation of a male nipple are banned, for God's sake!

The excuse is that it is done to protect the most sensible ones and create a more welcoming environment. The reality is that this censorship moves us away from that open-minded society we so dream of and keeps us bound to some old-fashioned and self-righteous mores.

I opened this website to be able to fully express myself without the worry of being censored, or worse, banned for posting a naked butt.

"Take off the layers of fiction

Unveil the creases of your skin

And let them sing for you."

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