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The President told us to read, so I did it. I've been reading about the countries where I was supposed to be travelling for a while.

I have so much time now. I could learn a new language, discover new recepies, develop a new talent. Yes, I should. The truth is: I will spend my day watching useless TV shows to forget the fucked-up situation we are living in.

Fortunately, I still have a job which keeps me busy during these boring days. But sadly, I don't have the motivation to be motivated. E-meetings, e-coffees, e-apéros... I can't stand any of this anymore. I need to meet someone for real. I feel so lonely.

I eat a lot of fruits to compensate all the alcohol I drink and persuade myself that I still have a healthy lifestyle.

I'm definitely going crazy confined in this tiny Parisian apartment. I feel suffocating.

The day after, I'm such in a bad mood that even the sound of a WhatsApp notification irritates me.

Well, let's just think short-term… I need an haircut

It was sudden. We couldn't go out and take a walk in the centre anymore. We weren't allowed to visit friends, family, lovers anymore. I've never thought that something like this could happen for real. At least not this soon.

When will we be able to travel again? When will I be able to get back home? I miss Milan, I miss my family.

I started playing Pokemon Fire Red to at least have a purpose during this lockdown: to defeat the League Champion. But, well, even my Gameboy decided to sabotage my plans and erase the saved game halfway.

I drink too much coffee to stay positive.

I feel horny all the time. I need physical contact, I need to fuck. Even sex has become an e-pleasure.

My weeks are a non-stop emotional rollercoaster ride. One day I feel good, I do sport and I convince myself that eventually everything is going to be alright.

Some nights I prepare myself some drink, I put my favourite electronic playlist, I close my eyes and pretend that I'm in a club, crowded with sweaty bodies moving in unison to the beat of the track. It feels so good. When will we able to do this again? When will we able to touch each other again as we did before?

and I need a beer with someone who is not my Scooby-Doo.

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