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I remember this Italian TV spot of a famous alcoholic liqueur recalling a quote of German writer Gotthold Ephraim Lessing: Non è forse vero che l'attesa del piacere è essa stessa il piacere?.

Isn't it true that to look forward to pleasure is also a pleasure itself? Yes, it is.

The hours and minutes preceeding a long-awaited moment are charged with a mixture of tranquillity and excitement that builds up pure pleasure.

It could look like an ordinary Saturday night among friends ending partying in a club, but for me it's been so much more. It's been the meticulous preparation, the imagination of improbable, yet exciting scenarii, the foretaste of the night to come sipping Tequila Sunrise.


Who's gonna be there? What do I wear? I got nothing in my wardrobe. Too ordinary, too extravagant, too dark, too white. I can't wait. You look great.
He throws together some spaghetti and I fill up our glasses with wine, beer, vodka, whatever you want. The water is boiling. The perfume of the tomato sauce overwhelms my nose. My mind gives up to an intoxicating lightness.
He lights up a cigarette and we look at the clouds dominating the roofs of the city. We forget about time, in silence.
It's time to move. I take my phone, I open Spotify and I play the song. We follow the rhythm, bewitched by the moon.

We're ready.

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